September 17, 2017

My Next Market - Prairie Fibre Festival!!

My next market is coming up soon!! My Online Shop is now closed, as I'll be in full prep mode finalizing details for the Prairie Fibre Festival! There are lots of little details that need to be finalized this week for the PFF and for the Prairie Dye Studio Booth, so I will be busy! 

I've been answering lots of questions regarding the Prairie Fibre Festival the last couple weeks! 

One of the amenities that I've offered all that attend is the option to attend the Free Mini Courses! I've posted the list of the courses in Facebook and Ravelry and if you haven't been following them, you should! Specifically the Facebook and Instagram Accounts! I've been sharing so much fibre porn from all the talented vendors, its amazing! I am so blessed to have so many talented Indie Makers of the Fibre Arts participating in this event ❤️❤️ The Fibre Arts is a community and a team! To get such support for this event, I feel very, very blessed ❤️❤️ 

Not to mention, the super cute PFF Button Pins that are available for the first 100 attendees! 

There will be giveaways for the attendees that will be drawn every hour! 

Also! Be sure to pop into the Cranker Booth!! They have knitting machines and you can ask any questions you may have about knitting machines! This is a real treat because to buy a knitting machine can be a real investment. So to have the opportunity to ask questions, is to decide if it's really right for you! 

Also, when your heading in say hi to my husband! He's working the door 😉 He's going to be wearing the most awesome Wool Security shirt 🐑❤️❤️ 

See you on Sept 24 ❤️❤️

September 05, 2017

Attending the Prairie Fibre Festival?

My Online Shop is Open until Sept 17! If your attending the Prairie Fibre Festival you can pick up your order there and save the shipping! This is a popular option if you want to ensure that you get what you'd been eyeballing in my Online Shop! Just select Local Pickup from my Online Shop! I'll be in touch shortly after to confirm Pickup at the Prairie Fibre Festival ❤️ Happy Shopping!!

Below is a collage of some of the last remaining single product in my Online Shop ❤️❤️

Happy Shopping 😄

September 03, 2017

Full On Prep Mode

I am in Full On Prep Mode for the Prairie Fibre Festival on September 24!! I'll be getting my yarn order in the next week and I just did my last Online Update last week! I'll have lots of last minute prep work for Prairie Dye Studio and the Prairie Fibre Festival the week of September 17, so I'll be closing down my Online Shop for the week! It will reopen shortly after September 25! 

If there's anything you've had your eye on, I can't guarantee it'll be there after the Prairie Fibre Festival!! I also have the Calgary Shindig a short 3 weeks after the Prairie Fibre Festival too!! So no guarantees that anything will be there!!

Happy Shopping ❤️❤️

August 27, 2017

Online Shop Updated with New Yarn ❤️❤️

I did a sneaky Updated yesterday in my Online Shop with new yarn!! This will be my last Online update until after the Prairie Fibre Festival on September 24,2017!! 

Here's a quick preview of what's been loaded into the Online Shop!! 

Cherry Harvest on MCN Lace, Merino Lace, MCN Sock and BFL Sock

Bark on MCN Lace, Merino Lace, MCN Sock and BFL Sock

Gourd on MCN Lace, Merino Lace, MCN Sock and BFL Sock

Smudge on BFL Sock and MCN Sock

Valley of the Five Lakes on BFL Sock and MCN Sock

Plus a few OOAK skeins from colorway development and a few updated pictures of remaining skeins instock ❤️❤️

Happy Shopping 😄

August 21, 2017

Pin Up Girls and Hunk Project Bags are in the Online Shop!!

I've been busy building up my stock for the Fall Markets and have been sewing up some awesome fabrics I've had stashed the last year! 

I was able to make up a few Hunks Sweater Project Bags and sneak them into my Online Shop❤️❤️

And a few Pin Up Girl Sweater Project Bags ❤️❤️

Then I squeezed in the last 2 Lonster Project Bags!

Snag one of these beauties while you can in my Online Shop because all I have left of these fabrics are scraps!! 

August 10, 2017

Camping Project Bags are in the Online Shop Now ❤️❤️

I've been busy working on some new Project Bags!  Run to the Online Shop to snag one while they last!! 

Online Shop Link HERE

Camping With the Old Chevy

Retro Camping - there's only 4 left in this print bc 1 order went through as I was listing them! 

Happy Shopping!!

August 07, 2017

Fall Fibre Fair by the Twisted Barn

While I was doing my contacting Alberta Yarn Stores blitz for the Prairie Fibre Festival, I was able to get in touch with the fabulous ladies of the Twisted Barn in Rocky Mountain House! They are having a Fall Fibre Fair!! It's too close to the Prairie Fibre Festival for me to be a vendor but I am planning on attending as a customer!! Be sure to follow them on Facebook in the Fall Fibre Fair at the Twisted Barn HERE to keep in the loop! So far there's been a positive response on Instagram when I posted it! So it's definitely worth the drive to shop and visit! 

In case your not sure of where the Twisted Barn is located: (borrowed from their website 😉)


North of Rocky Mountain House on Highway 22 to Twp Road 40-5a (Frisco Hall). East to Range Road 7-2. South to End of Road. Blue Sign 404039. Look for our signs. You can't miss it!

Come and check out the vendors and the demos!! I'll be posting photos to Instagram too ❤️❤️

August 05, 2017

Sale, Sale, Sale...!!!

Visiting the Sale Section of my Online Shop 😍❤️

I've been clearing out a lot of Button Pins and Progress Keepers from the Sale Section of my Online Shop the last few days! I'm down to just a few in each kind of Button Pin! The Progress Keepers have been selling like crazy as well and some have just a few left! I won't be bringing in any additional Button Pins like these again 😄 So snag them while you can!! 

There's the last of the Knitty Button Pins❤️❤️ Knitty Joker, Knitty Robin, Knitty Iron Man, Knitty Hulk, Knitty Biker, Knitty Edward Scissorhands, Knitty Harley Quinn, Knitty Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Knitty Captain America! 

All Button Pins, Progress Keepers and Magnets are mailed out Lettermail for a flat rate! Shipping withinCanada is $3.00, shipping to the USA is $4.00 and Internationally is $7.00 !! Shipping is added during the PayPal checkout before you confirm the order 😄

Plus the last Knitty Magnet!! Just available in Knitty Joker!!

Then there's the Progress Keepers ❤️❤️

And if you haven't tried Hooked Progress Keepers, this is the perfect time! They are priced at $2 each and work perfectly for people with nails! Just slide them around the stitch in your knitting and they won't move! The lip at the end of the hook prevents them from slipping out!!

And the last of the Sale Project Bags ❤️❤️ Sock or Small Project Bags can be shipped Lettermail if ordered individually and do not have shipping insurance! All other Project Bags or Multiple Project Bags can be shipped Expedited Parcel which comes with Shipping Insurance and a Tracking Number! 

The last of the Aboriginal Girl Project Bags! 

The last of the Woodland Animal Project Bags!!

The last 2 Winter Deer Project Bags, including the LAST Extra Large Project Bag! Perfect for those blanket Projects! And the last 2 Fall Harvest Project Bags ❤️❤️

The last few Crafty Fox Project Bags❤️❤️

Snag some goodies while you can bc I'll be debuting new products for my market season staring at the end of September 😍❤️

Happy Shopping!!

August 04, 2017

Prairie Fibre Festival

I've been busy planning the Prairie Fibre Festival since May and it's amazing that it will be happening in under 2 months! There's 18 confirmed vendors and there's vendors that are unconfirmed! Once vendors have paid their booth fees they are a confirmed vendor and get to select their booth! Then I add them to my marketing campaign! There is still 1 Booth available and some Tabled Booths. So if your a Indie Maker of the Fibre Arts and would like to become a confirmed vendor send an email to and request a vendor application! Booths and Tabled Booths are only booked when a vendor is confirmed and paid 😄

I'm so looking forward to this event! There is a fabulous array of vendors that I've been featuring on the PrairieFibreFestival Instagram Account and the Prairie Fibre Festival Facebook Group! If your not following me on these platforms your missing out! I shared a video of a Machine Cranker in action! It's completely memorizing 😍 There will be anywhere from 2-4 Machine Knitter Crankers there doing their demo! You can ask questions if you'd like but can just watch these fabulous ladies use these machines! This is very exciting because a Machine Cranker is quite the financial investment so it gives customers the option to ask any questions they would like before committing to finding their own Cranker! 

Also! If your not following the CozyUpKnits of The Stitchin' Sisters Podcast, you should be! They are doing a giveaway for 2 entry tickets to the Prairie Fibre Festival! Check out their Instagram Account and the Giveaway Post to get entered!! 

This is going to be a fabulous family run Fibre Event! My husband, sister and mom will be there, as well as some awesome fibre friends 😄 Be sure to pop in on September 24, 2017 and enjoy some shopping, a few free courses and visiting ❤️❤️

August 02, 2017

Out with the Old, In with the New 😄

Usually my stock is pretty good at turning itself over but every once in a while I'll be adding some goodies to the Sale Section! I've added a few Project Bags, Progress Keepers and Button Pins to the Sale Section! Progress Keepers and Button Pins will ship Lettermail. Small Project Bags can ship Lettermail if individually purchased but there's no purchase insurance or you can choose to have it shipped Expedited Parcel with a Tracking Number. All other Project Bags are shipped Expedited Parcel with a Tracking Number! Some items are the last ones left and others have a few left! Whatever is in the Sale Section won't be making a reappearance into my Online Shop! So if you see something, snag it while you can ❤️ 

Happy Shopping 😄

July 29, 2017

Christmas Sock Knitting 2017 has Commenced!!

About a week ago I started thinking about my Christmas Knitting! My family loves knitted socks for part of their Christmas gifts so it takes a bit of planning. My favourite part is tossing the stash a bit to pick out Yarns! I get to remember the yarns that have been sitting for a while and check out new acquisitions. I can possibly take a little to much time decideing 😂 But I decided on these pretties! 

I had 1 skein that my 1.5 yr old got into so it required a bit of time hand winding and detangling it 😂 I chose a good selection of Yarns ❤️ There is some Pace by Universal Yarn,  SeaTurtleFibreArts , Socks That Rock (from my fibreahare partner, thanks ❤️), Pagewood Farm Yukon , the Woolen Rabbit , some Socrates by Alpaca with a Twist and a Flames sock blank by Gingersnapthat and Mr SnapThat!

I've already detanged and casted on the first pair of Christmas Socks using Pace Yarn in a charcoal! 

I'm just working the heel flap on the first sock! Pattern is CinderBlock Sock by Anne Hanson. It's my go to sock pattern for men's socks. It works especially well if your not sure of how high their instep is or how wide their feet are. The pattern is stretchy but not too stretchy. It's well worth the pattern price ❤️

And because I can't just have 1 pair of socks on the needles, I casted on another pair of Christmas 2017 Socks!

The yarn is Comfort and Joy by Socks That Rock and was gifted to me by my Fibre Share Partner from the last instalment of 2016! It's an interesting and beautiful mix of colors! The base is thicker than standard sock yarn and I'm making quick work of the first sock! I am seriously considering Knitting them into knee highs bc the skein weighed just under 150grams!!

I should be able to get all my Christmas Knitting done in time. I was able to get it done the last couple years for Socks. But definitely need to get started in July / August! 

Happy Knitting ❤️

July 27, 2017

FO: Rebel in the Spotlight

I'm also super excited that I was able to cast off my Rebel in the Spotlight Shawl! 

I fell in love with this colorway when she listed it and bought it straight away! Then I spent a couple weeks debating on the perfect pattern. I decided on the Spotlight pattern because I could easily modify it to use up the whole skein! 

I loved the Gradient mix of this cotton yarn and the extra effort required Knitting it made the end product so gorgoeus!! Monsoon Calamity uses 4 plies of Cotton weaving yarn to create these gorgoeus gradients so when Knitting it can be a bit splitty. It was easily overcome by slowing down my Knitting to ensure that I was Knitting all 4 threads. I was able to whip out this Shawl in about a month. I wasn't dedicating all my Knitting time to it, so it's not like it slowed down my Knitting a whole lot, but it did require a little extra attention. I would totally recommend Knitting with her Yarns ❤️

She has so many gorgoeus gradients in her Etsy Shop!! Go check it out HERE!!